Orsan OPS is a company that can manufacture completely based on a technical drawing or 3D model.
It can prepare CAD/CAM programs, design and manufacture processing apparatus and design and manufacture machines and assembly holders by itself.
Hassas döküm kalıplarının tasarımı, üretimi konusunda It has advanced experience in design and manufacture of sensitive casting moulds.
Reverse engineering practices can be carried out thanks to measuring devices and CAD programs used.

Programs that are used:

• Seimens NX
• Catia
• Vericut
• PC-Dmis Cad++
Orsan OPS has been updating the computer programs it has been using constantly through agreements that it enters into and has been using their latest versions.


• Designing and manufacturing all products that will be manufactured
• Designing and manufacturing special assembly holders
• Designing and manufacturing sensitive casting moulds
• Simulation of moving parts
• Designing vacuum apparatus
• Reverse engineering