Orsan OPS was founded by the Chairman of our Executive Board Salim SERİM in 1977.

Orsan OPS started to operate in order to manufacture spare parts for sewing machines and managed to manufacture the sewing machines that it designed itself in 2002. It started to make a name for itself in aviation industry and defence industry primarily as TAI TUSAŞ starting from 2002 and in automotive sector by manufacturing 65% of racing car project in its own plants.

Our company has been providing service with its qualified team of 45 employees who are involved in all processes from R&D to mass production and its years of experience in all fields where it operates.

Orsan OPS endeavours to meet customers’ expectations at the highest level thanks to its EN 9100:2018, AS9100D quality certificate.

It has been carrying out its R&D and manufacturing processes in its plant which was put into operation in 2015, located in Thrace Free Zone, with closed area of 5900 m2.

Since its foundation, ORSAN OPS has adopted the slogan “Creating High Quality and Ensuring Happy Customers at Low Costs”. ORSAN OPS which has been continuing to manufacture without compromising on its quality has been rendering service in many countries of the world today.