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Everywhere and in the Sky

ORSAN, established in 1977 with the purpose of manufacturing spare parts for textile machines, reached the quality and variety to export its products in the beginning of the 1990s.  By 2003 ORSAN produced over 2000 different spare parts and in the same year, it designed, produced and introduced its first sewing machine into the market.  Today, it has over 1000 sewing machines working around the world. 

In 2007, ORSAN began to adapt its knowledge and machining experience of 30 years to the aviation and defence industry.  As of February 2008, ORSAN, the official subcontractor for TAI TUSAŞ, produces over 250 different structural parts made from titanium, aluminum, steel and stainless steel, for airplanes and helicopters used in TAI projects for BOEING, AIRBUS, AGUSTA WESTLAND, COUGAR, and KAI TEU. 

ORSAN plans to increase its presence in larger projects in the aviation industry in the future.  It intends to create a new company named SERAVIA AVIATION with the sole purpose of serving the aviation industry and continue its investments in this field under its new organization.

Its ISO 9001 quality assurance system is also a certificate of ORSAN’s responsibility to its customers.





Subcontractor Golden Award Winner for 2008



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Seravia Aviation, Orsan OPS kuruluşunun havacılık ve savunma sanayisi sektöründeki markasıdır, 2009.

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